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June 3, 2023 update:

As previously stated, there was significant crop damage this year, but the lower field still has some good picking. One variety ("Climax" variety) is ready to be picked. We will be open for one day this Thursday 6/8. There is good but limited picking. After Thursday we will re-assess what is left and post additional dates when we will be open. This is the very first day of the season and definitely NOT the last so don't feel like you will miss out if you can't make it on Thursday. In coming days/weeks as other varieties ripen up we will have a lot more opportunities to pick.


Regular hours are in effect Thursday (7:30-1 and 6-dark)


Side note: in years past some customers have noted some chigger bites while picking in the lower field. Long pants and/or bug spray on your legs is advisable.



 Standard info for the site...….


Cash or check only.   No credit cards.


Hours are 7:30am - 1:00 and 6:00 pm till dark on Monday through Saturday (yes, this means that we are closed from 1:00-6:00 every day). We are closed on Sundays.

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  Price is $1.75/ lb.     U-pick only.    No pre-picked fruit.     See helpful notes by scrolling down this page.   We take cash or check.    No credit cards.


Picking times -   Monday through Saturday - 7:30 AM to 1 PM and 6 PM til dark (yes, this means that we are closed 1-6 every day!)

                                                           CLOSED SUNDAY



We do not spray the berries.   To control fruit flies (which lay eggs=larvae in the fruit if not controlled), we use an organic bait applied at the base of every third plant throughout the season.  The active organic ingredient is called spinosad. 


You cannot see the berries with sunglasses on, so we suggest you don't bring  pricey prescription sunglasses in the field.   They are too often lost if parked on your head and very hard to find in the  bushes.


No need to bring any container to pick in.   We have several hundred buckets for you to use.  We line them with new plastic grocery bags which you remove from the bucket to weigh the fruit and take the fruit home in the bag.    We also have a large but limited supply of shoulder straps to hold the bucket, freeing your hands for picking.   If you bring your own container or basket, let us weigh it to establish tare weight before you go in the field.


Official reported temperatures are taken in the shade.    In the sun, temperatures can be 15 degrees hotter.   We encourage you to come early in the day.   


We can accommodate the handicapped by letting you drive down to the lower field, saving the walk.  Get buckets from us before driving down there.   Bring whatever chair you might need.    We discourage using walkers - the field is uneven, adding to the unsteadiness of the person using it. 



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