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What is the phone number for Berry Hill Farm?  

803-957-4203 Please don’t call late at night and please don’t call on Sundays!

What hours is the farm open?

Once we open for the season (see UPDATE link on home page), our hours are:

Monday  thru  Saturday:    7:30 AM – 1 PM;    re-open again at 6 PM  and pick  until dark

(Yes, this means that we are closed from 1-6 every day!)                        
Sunday: closed

How late does the season run?

There is no set date, but we generally go into the first or second week of  August.  Again, see UPDATE near the end of the season.

Any suggestions for appropriate clothing?

Though ants are not a big problem, it is still a good idea to wear shoes and socks rather than sandals.    We cannot treat for ants in the fields – the poison could be drawn up through the roots of the plant into the berries.  Generally, mosquitoes are a very minimal problem, but if they like you, bring bug repellent.

Are children welcome?

 Oh, yes!    This is an old home place with a very old barn and it is good for children to have the experience to pick the fruit and see what a farm is all about.   Our one big rule, especially for boys, is  NO BERRY WARS!     That is a waste of perfectly good fruit.  

Are groups welcome?

Of course!      Really no need to give me advance notice unless you want to check on the status of the berries.

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